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Curslack - History

First I want to thank all the writers at wikipedia - I did only the translation

The name of the village Curslack (low german: Corslak) goes back to the word Cuwerslake, what means "a low often floded marsh". Kuren stands here for "to ooke" and lake for "wet meadow". In fact the areas was flodded regulary up to 1949, until the Tatenberger Schleuse was build.

The first documented mention Curslacks is from 1188 when together with Altengamme the dyke alliance was founded.  Curslack became part of Hamburg for the first time in 1420, after Hamburg and Lübeck captured the town Bergedorf and just as Bergedorf Curslack also was governed by both towns. 1443 Curslack got the first transport connection to Bergedorf, a channel, which was mainly used to carry wood from the Sachsenwald (in the north east of Bergedorf) to the river Elbe. The Vierlande, which are Curslack, Altengamme, Neuengamme und Kirchwerder,created themselve in the middle of the 16th century. The closeless to Hamburg turned out to be very profitable for business, because the farmes could sell there products in the close town. In 1570 the Curslacker Heerweg was build to connect the ferry across the Elbe at Zollenspieker with Bergedorf. The Curslacker Heerweg still exist today. During the centuries the population of Curslack specialise for gardening and floriculture.

Im 1868 the authority of Hamburg and Lübeck over Curslack ended. Hamburg bought from Lübeck the right of ownership and integrate the part of Bergedorf which were owned by Lübeck and all township belonging to it into the in 1830 founded Landherrenschaft der Marschlande

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