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this time in summery a report about my last two holiday in Denmark.

After everything seemed to much to me in September I urgently needed a time-out and so I got in short-notice a week off, the first week in October.  Immediately I booked a holiday home in Denmark. To see "something different" this time at the below end of the Ringkobing Fjord in Hauvrig. After I passed the right entry to the holiday home area twice I finally got it right. The home was, like expected, small and cute and of course there was the for Denmark absolute necessary stove. But the first days were ruined by a heavy migraine attack. Even if I took a walk on Sunday and went shopping, that was all I could do because I suffered massive from vertigo and nausea. When the migraine attack finally was over the weather had change, instead of sunshine only storm together with heavy rain showers. So there was no chance for a walk. Who really likes to get wet and the clouds with the rain were moving fast. As the house was on the "wrong" site of the main road this time it was not possible to go to the beach and quick back to the house by the danger of rain. First I had to go the main road (ca. 1 km) then I had to cross it, go along a bit at the side of road und then from the road to the beach. So I came back the first time from holidays in Denmark without being at the beach. Therefore I read a lot, that was nice too. The house was located cuddled up in the dunes and so it wasprotected  a bit from the wind. Only at night time it was a wee bit scary. A dog rose grew close to the wall of my bedroom and the wind moved it so that it rubbed the wall and made strange noises. Being alone in the house it was really a bit weird. And another premiere, the first time since I spent my holidays in Denmark I hardly used the stove. During the day the house was warm enough and then the wind often blew off the fire. But with a blanket over my legs and a Fleece-Jacket it was okay. 


 As I don't took some photo's here a catalog picture of the house.


What a planning, arrival this time on a Tuesday. On Monday the 5th December 2010 we had a performance with the recorder choir at the Christmas party from the country women. As a thank you we got a nice bunch of flowers. Of course I took that with me, beside cloths for 2 weeks and what ever you take with you into a holiday home, and also my keyboard and my recorder and sheet music...............

At my arrival - storm - I guess I knew that, wasn't there something the last time? Anyway, you get used to many things. Somehow this was only the begin, the wind speed up during the next days and the house shook regularly. Sometimes so much that one night I dreamt of an earthquake - I really had enough earthquakes in New Zealand (most of the time only small ones, fortunately only one big - see New Zealand - Earthquake).

The storm rages nearly a whole week, or new storms arrived, I don't want to know that so exactly. Then finally the wind calmed down (I thought) and I dared to have a walk to the beach. My house was just 400 m away from the beach but after I had managed the half of the distance I had to give up. The wind was too strong and I got a free sand-peeling for my face. Sand grains in the eyes hurt and I could hardly stand against the wind. So I tried again the next day. This time I got up to the dune ridge but the water stood up to the dunes - or better, it looks like that. Later I realised the water stood 1 - 1,5 m high at the edge of dunes. Two days later I finally could enter the beach, the sun came out and I let everything were it was, pulled on my jacket and went to the beach. Reaching the edge of the dunes I saw the disaster. Dunes were broken on height of 1 - 1,5 m - no easy way down. So I slide on my shoes, it went well. Of course the water was still troubled and there were a lot of sea stars at the beach. But I did not take some with me, it smells awful if you try to dry it. Nearly a hour I enjoyed the roar of the wave and the fresh air. But then it became difficult, I had to climb back over the edge (remember? 1 - 1,5 m high....), as the sand was still wet from the water climbing over the edge was not too hard.

Two days later I went back to the beach and this time it became extreme hard to get back. the sand give in and as I finally got one knee over the edge it broke under the weight. New attempt and this time it worked but I was wet from sweating. And it look worse at the other crossings. Partly the breaking edge was in 2 m height or more. Actually a shame, I love it to walk at the beach but for this holiday it was done. 

The house was alright beside the fact that it did not deserve 4 stars, 2 1/2 or 3 would have been enough. And it had a real deficit - with the wind mainly coming from the west and northwest I could feel the wind when I sat on the sofa. The first week I only shivered even though I had a plaid on my legs, a fleece jacket on and a glowing stove. Only at the gallery where my bed stood it was real warm. During my stay I got a new TV. The old one was a bit too slow. If I wanted to see something at a special time I needed to start the TV nearly an hour earlier. First there was only snow, then it slowly turned into a black and white picture, what took up to 30 minutes, then finally the tone came and a short after that I had a coloured picture.


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