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Hello my friends

Last August I spent some day in Locarno and and with a friends support I had a look at the valleys near by. As I am a bit lazy at the moment just some picture and the names of the places.
For all who not know where Locarno is - it is at the Lago Maggiore, but still in Switzerland. Please do not mixed up with Lugano, that is a bit further east and has a lake on its own.

First now Locarno itself:

This view I had from the balcony each morning

just like this one - isn't it beautiful - the light in the clouds

This is a monestry, Madonna del Sasso. A sightseeing tour had to be canceled, I had massive probleme with my circulation because of the heat and I wasn't in the condition and mood to mount the stairs in the sun.

You can also just relax in the "Kamelienpark" (Camellia park) in Locarno.

At another day I explored the Valle de Maggia:

This building that looks like a cutted barrel is a church. At the inside it does not look like corrugated sheets.......... :-)

It is possible to drive up the entire valley to the end. Then you are close to 2000 m (6000 feet) and above the timber line.
The evidence! Brave Fridolin brought me up the mountain. And yes, the light patches in the background are snow.

On the way backl I spent the afternoon at this waterfall with picknick, reading and just laying in the sun and relax.

The place I like most is "Cascata del Toce"

The waterfall is falling more than 140 m (420 feet) into the deep, even from below it is very impressive

and much more from above

 Dispite my fear of hight I took this picture!!

Only on the wooden bidge I did not go further. Free hoovering above the chasm................

Of course I had a picknick here in the sun and a free sunburn - unfortunately I forgot to use the sunblocker creme - and on 1700 m hight the sun is burning quite strong.

An alsolute must go is the Valle de Verzasca:

No, it is not a roman bridge, even though it looks like one (actually Italian are roman or not?)

The water is wonderful

But the flood has left it tracks.

At the end of the valley is a typical mountain village

Costly restored with a lot of love (or TLC = tender loving care)

 The absolute highlight at Verszasca Valley

The dam James Bond did a  Bungy jump

I prefered to stay in the middle of the road (somebody else took the photo) - the dry creek bed is 220 m (660 feet) deeper. But there are still enough maniacs who do this jump!  

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