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Hamburg Habour - Teufelsbrück - Övelgönne (Captain's houses)

During a little holiday in summer I thought it might be a good idea to do a wee trip to Hamburg. First I drove to the train station in Bergedorf by car and then by train (S-Bahn = Stadtbahn = town train) to the centre of Hamburg. At the central station I chenged the S-Bahn at droved on until the station "Landungsbrücken". Like always when you leave the train station the habour welcomes you. At the left the "Rickmer Rickmers" an old sailing vessel, now a museum, and the "Kap Arcona" and on the right the old "Elbtunnel". 100 years old now. And like always the place is crowded.

My way leaded me across the Landesbrücken to a flooting dock from where the habour ferries start. First I had to check which ferry I needed to go to Finkenwerder. From there I wanted to take the ferry to Teufelsbrück (devils bridge). It was the number 62. This ferry is really a good one. It does not only stop at the "Fischmarkt" and Övelgönne. Also on the way back it goes straight towards the Elbphilharmonie. And when it turns you have an excellent view to the "Speicherstadt".

So I took the ferry to Finkenwerder. Of course I had to enter the upper deck, even though it was a bit cool and a light rain. At least I am a Hamburger Deern and not made from sugar. How used to say my grandaunt, the most of it falls past. She is right! I enjoyed the wind in my hair and the "perfume" of the habour, this strange mixure of Elbe-water and diesel. Just before Övelgönne you can see this guy standing in the water:

Deceptively real, it's not until you get closer that you see that it's not a real person but a figure. In the backgropund one of the many beach clubs you will find at the Elbe in summer. In Finkenwerder I left the ferry no. 62 and went to another ferry which took me to Teufelsort.

I arrived on green and went on on orange :-))

Once across the Elbe and I was in Teufelsort. FRom here a footpath follows the bank of the Elbe to Övelgönne. At many occution you can enter the beach. And at the weekend many Hamburger do so. Having a pincknick or a barbeque. This way brings you to the "Kapitänshäuser" (captains houses). The houses are placed direct at the Elbe, the back towards the hillside which is going straight up to the "Elbchaussee". And placed betweent he houses you find this stairway, it is called "Himmelsleiter" (ladder to heaven).


I think I don't have to explain why it is called so. Down here are no cars what means, you have to take all your goceries down from the road above. Even riding a bike is not permitted here.

The sign says: reasonable cyclist do not ride a bike here, to anybody else it is forbidden.

Even the post(wo)man has to walk

The houses are cuddled up between the hill and the Elbe. Only a small footpath and tiny gardens separate the houses from the river. If there is a storm tide probably many residents get a visit from the Elbe.



At the end of the way you reach the ferry dock Övelgönne. Here lands the now well known ferry No. 62. I entered the ferry again and it took me back to the Landesbrücken. Because the weather was not very well I decided not to take the wee detour to see the "Speicherstadt". Now only the S-Bahn back to the central station. Of course it is possible to take the U-Bahn (Undergound train) also. But to take the S-Bahn has a great advantage, arriving at the central station you just have to cross the platform and you are at the right line for Bergedorf.

Now only into my car and to Curslack and I was back home again. Even with real Hamburger drirrly weather it is a nice trip. Of course it is much nicer with sunshine, then you can sit at the beach of the Elbe and enjoy the sunshine a bit.


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