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About me and the idea to this site


My name is Berit Kiehn. I am born in Hamburg, 6 days before the Berlin Wall was build.

In 1995 I started to show dogs, first only our dog but already in winter 1995/1996 I got a bitch. One year later I got the second bitch, Tini, the ancestress of all "Schnuffelbaers" - "vom Schnuffelbaer" was my kennel name. The offsprings were shown quite successfully and so I showed the dogs not only in Germany but also travelled to many other countries in Europe with my dogs (Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Austria regulary but also others).

After the separation from my husband (2006) and the divorce in 2008 I moved to New Zealand. Through the internet I met a man who lived there. After my first visit in December 2007 the decision was not very hard. If you are in love you are prepared to risk a lot. And in New Zealand the idea to this website was born. After the story with the snow chain I was not very keen on telling the story again and again or better to copy it and to send via e-mail. And I also do not like e-mails with a great list of receivers (except short messages about news on the website). As time went on more and more pages got added because of latest happenings or to bring a little piece of New Zealand to Germany. 


Unfortunately you do not always get a reward for the risk you take and so I moved back to Germany in 2010. First I lived in Hamburg. During the last month in New Zealand I had started to write the website in 2 languages - my acquaintance in New Zealand wanted to read too what I had to report about their country. But as after my return more and more paged about Hamburg and my holidays added the website slowly became confusingly and though I began to restructure the website. First I doubled all pages then I kept one in German and one in English. At the same time I created pages as sampler (New Zealand, Holiday, etc.) with links to the reports. 

As I like to travel there are also reports about placed I travelled to. 


I dicovered the patching und quilting for me. So I often spend whole weekends in my "sewing room". Why don't you have a look at http://schnuffelbaerdesign.blogspot.de/

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Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.