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My holidays in February (only a week far too short, holidays from 2010) I spent in Sondervig close to Ringkobing at the west coast of Denmark. When I started on Saturday at home it rained quite heavy but when I crossed the border the clouds disappeared and at Kolding the sun was shining. At my destination in Sondervig I picked up the key from the Novasol office and went on to my holiday home. What a surprise. It looked like the first thing I had to do was shovelling snow so I could enter the house ( I still have practice from December). Fortunately there was a wee room before the door into the house where garden furniture and a shovel were stored. After a few minutes work I could carry my stuff into the house - through the livingroom door to the terrace. I did not want to run around the house all the time (see pictures below). But the house has been very comfortable and already heated. When I finally had everything organised the sun had gone down and it was to late for a the beach (just 50 m from my house over the dunes). On Sunday the weather was sunny again and after sleeping long and breakfast I decided to go to the beach. How beautiful - the foam from the waves had been frozen because of the cold temperatures and parts of the sand were frozen too. The next two day I have been so busy with my keyboard (the result you can hear onto my website) that I did not go to the beach. On Wednesday first a phone call from a friend kicks me out of bed. How could she dare to call at 11am when I am on holiday :-) - she did not know. Then I turned on the TV and zapped through the channels. On CNN they talked about an earthquake. The people they interviewed spoke English, so I stayed with that channel to find out where the earthquake had been. Then the shock - it had hit Christchurch again and this time real hard. I thought about my friend there and the other people I know living in Christchurch. But I could not reach anyone because the internet was not working (I had no access to it for what reason ever) so I had to wait until I returned to Hamburg. Luckily Lesley, her friends and their families are alright. In the afternoon I actually wanted to go to the beach but the strong wind from the east was that cold I did not wanted to freeze to death. So I went to Ringkobing and Klosters instead. In Klosters is a wonderful shop with a lot of things nobody really needs but so nice..... It is better to leave the credit card at home. But I managed not to buy anything (except some paper napkins as souvenirs for my Mum and a very good friend). The night from Wednesday to Thursday it snowed again and I had to shovel snow again. But the weather had change and I went to the beach again. There were many waves this time and I could not resist taking a lot of photos and also some videos but I am not happy with the videos - so no video here. The temperature was still below zero the whole day. When I went to bed on Friday it looked like the paving stones outside were wet and right. I woke up on Saturday to the sound of falling rain. Hopefully I could talk my car into starting - it does not like rain and starts quite hard when it is wet. But after at least 10 to 20 attempts the engine started and I could pack the car for the way home. The weather change again at the border, this time the other way round - clouds in Denmark and sun in Germany. Of course there was traffic jam in Hamburg when I had to go across the town and it was that warm that I turned off the heater in the car. One hour later as planned I reach home. 

Photos from Denmark

Frozen foam

Snow Thursday morning

"Dining room"

"Living room"

No, I haven't made my bed, I am on holiday!!

The way down to the beach

"My" house (red) only a quarter

Waves on Thursday


Frozen and brocken sand




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