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Harvest Festival  (Thanksgiving) Parade Kirchwerder 2010
An exciting event at Harvest Festival is the parade in Kirchwerder which has taken place for 20 years now. Together with my mum I have watched it several times and so we did this year. The parade starts at an old railway station in Zollenspieker at the "Alter Elbdeich" (an old dyke close to the river Elbe). The parties move over the dyke and some other streets to the church in Kirchwerder. As they are moving in a loop to reach the church there is alway a stop close to the end of the parade. That is where my mum and I are watching the parade. Nearly all clubs from the Vierlande take part of the parade. Week before the parade starts the parties begin to work at the waggons and the last days everybody is very busy and a bit nervous. The waggon have to be decorated what takes dozens of blossom and also a lot of patience and time.
There are candies for the little spectators at the side of the road (and the great ones) and also wee bunches of flower. Don't forget to take your wallet with you. A group of the Country Women association are collecting donations, somehow the parade must be financed. Even the parties from Vierlanden are part of the parade for free because it is free advertising , the marching bands from other areas at least want their costs covered.
I started the day with a perfomance of the choir in the church of Curslack. I don't know for how many times I have been to the service on harvest festival at the church. And the church was fondly decorated with flowers and the gifts for the harvest festival. During the service little children said a little verdict from the bible holding bread, grapes and sheaves (I did it too when I was a little girl - I still know my verdict - Der Mensch lebt nicht vom Brot allein, sondern von einem jeglichen Wort, das durch den Munde Gottes geht - no, I won't translate it!)
 After the service my mum and I took our bikes and cycled to Kirchwerder to dine in a restaurant. But we had to be very patient. Many people wanted to eat out and see the harvest festival parade afterwards. The parade started at 2 pm and until than everybody wanted to be ready with his food.

A police women and a police man on horses rode at the top of the parade

With this horse even beginners won't have a problem
Even little children were part of the parade.
Actually the fireservice in the Vierlande has newer trucks......

A baker was there, giving out bun to the spectators

It won't be hard to guess what these Gentleman are doing - of course here are plumbers on their way.

Carpenters where there to. In front of every group/club went a child with a sign with the name of the group/club on it. It looks like to the end the boy was running out of strength to keep the sign up.

Of course we have traditional customs in the Vierlande. On the picture the colour of the skirts is not right. The traditional custom has red skirts with a green border for unmarried girls, married women wear dark red (nearly black) skirts.

A wedding couple in traditional custom (I don't know if they belong together in real life)

Sheep were also there.

The king of marksmen (Youth marksmen)  (help for everyone who never heard of that=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sch%C3%BCtzenfester)  2010/2011 of the "Vierländer Schützengesellschaft" - there are rumours the young man cannot smile and he is very monosyllabic. But that is not right, I had chats with him and even saw him smile. If you have a close look you can see - he is smiling on the photo!

Old tractor where there also.........

This one...........

and this one.

The butterfly is completely made of blossoms.

The mill is also made from blossoms (and cabbage).

Of course we are doing sport in Vierlanden.

And then there are clubs where the only reason for being there seems to be having fun (Frohe Stunde = happy hour).
 What a dragon has to do with traditional customs is something I don't know..... :-)

The fire service brass band took there own house with them to play safe.


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