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DEGRO Congress in Wiesbaden 2nd June 2011 to 5th June 2011
On Ascension Day I started right after breakfast to Wiesbaden so around 10.30 am. First I took the entry Curslack onto the Motorway and here were the first road works. But there was not much traffic so I got through quite well. From Nettelnburg onwards the road was clear and I could carry on without any problems. The further I came the more traffic there was on the road. On the A7 around Soltau, direction to Hannover, the shoulder was opened to the traffic so it would go forward better. After that I could drive without any problems.

Break on the way to Wiesbaden, just before Frankfurt/Main
The problems started in Wiesbaden. Not only that I lost direction, that was not so bad, I asked for the right way, turned and it was okay. But there was also a city festival and the road I needed to go was closed. No way through and no signs for a detour. First I asked a bus driver for the way, but he knew only his line and nothing else in Wiesbaden. Finally, when I had the feeling being again in a dead-end street, I asked a Taxi driver. He showed me the way, across the parking area of the casino (against the right direction, forbidden) and then turn left (forbidden again!) et voila I was on the right track, after that it was easy. I have been disappointed by the hotel. The coverlet was dirty and a mini room (the hotel had 5 stars!). The chocolate I used was not replaced and I have seen better breakfast buffet before, for example in Singapore. And that was “only” a 3 stars hotel but the buffet had been better by far.

Look out pf my window in the hotel
Friday and Saturday I spent mainly at the Rhein-Main-Hallen. Dissertation, dissertation, dissertation – at some stage it is enough and I could no longer understand what the lecture said. In the evening I had a look at the old town of Wiesbaden. I also visited the city festival but it was not different to others that kind, stalls with food, stages for musician and other artist that’s all. Unfortunately the “Kurpark” was blocked so I could not have a look at it.
The last evening I had real fun. The restaurant where I wanted to eat was really crowded and I found myself sitting at a table with two other ladies. As I found out quickly both were also here for the DEGRO and worked as doctor in the radiation-oncology. So we had something to talk about and the evening became quite nice so I was not home until 9 pm!!
On Sunday morning I slept long. About half past 9 am I went down for breakfast, this time in jeans and T-Shirt. I don’t know if it was that (the other days I wore a dress) or if it was just because it was later then the other days. But this time I only got coffee when I asked for it. But the real shock came when I checked out. They took 25 € a night for Fridolin staying in a basement garage!! At least someone helped me loading my luggage.

Church at the market place in Wiesbaden
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